GEMOTO at NearFest-V
May 1 & 2, 2009


The GEMOTO area was visited by a few celebrities from an earlier era.  Wayne Green, W2NSD was Ham Radio's version of Ted Turner... a vocal media owner, sometimes controversial and always thought provoking.  Gordon Pugh, W2NH (ex- W1JTB, W2GHR) was one of the key high-profile innovators in the 60's and 70's to establish the concept of ham repeaters that we now take for granted.














Free radio prep & programming for others (L-R):  MTX9250 (K1BOS),  MTX9000 (N1PXA),  MCS2000 (K1RJZ)





Thank you Dave Robertson, KD1NA & crew !



It most likely works quite well on any two-meter repeater !











You saw it here first...