New England 900 MHz repeaters

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Last updated Monday, November 16, 2009

This list is by no means complete but use this as a starting point if you wish to plan your 900 MHz radio programming.  

What is shown is a subset of the NEREPEATERS.COM list which is should be considered as the ultimate reference all reliable public information.  This list has added some local knowledge from Trustees that may not be appropriate for an "official" list.

  • Includes pending repeaters that are confirmed as very active projects with known final locations
  • HearClear = ON or OFF by the repeater Trustee's decision
  • Notations of repeaters with significant activity or wide coverage
  • WA1NVC's portable repeater
  • default simplex channel of 927.500
  • Sample codeplugs may be downloaded here
  • Semi-focused on Massachusetts is that is where most of the activity is centered around

Link to current GEMOTO freq list

Note: Newly issued frequency pairs below 902 / 927.4125 require special frequency coordination after a showing of a compelling need to mitigate interference after all other remedies have been physically tried and exhausted.  <-- new NESMC bandplan... scroll to 900 MHz


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